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    DataList & Selected Item


      I created a DataList component within, shall we say "State A" of my Catalyst file. I added an interaction for each row of the DataList to play a transition to another state, such as "State B." If I have a button component that will transition from "State B" back to "State A," the row of the DataList which had been clicked/selected initially is now no longer selectable. What can I do make that row of the DataList selectable again?



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          I think I finally found an answer to my question: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2622056#2622056


          Click on the DataList so it is highlighted - then in the Timeline, click "Add Action" and select "Set Property." Next in the "Properties" panel, set the "Property" to "SelectedIndex." Then an input field will appear, and type in "-1."

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            The solution I thought I found didn't solve the problem.


            Experts of Flash Catalyst seem to recommend having a small number of pages/states at the highest level then to build custom/generic components to add additional pages/states.However, if you have a datalist at your highest level, then create an interaction where if a row of the datalist is selected the user is navigated to a state within a custom component. The if you navigate back to the original state, the "setProperty" with "Selected Index" set to "-1" doesn't work.


            Has anyone else run into this issue?