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    Anyway to use CS5 project in CS4?


      I'm basically in a position where I can't upgrade my laptop to a 64bit one with my current budget. Since Premiere and After Effects CS5 can't work on a 32bit system, is there any kind of workaround? Like maybe pulling CS5 files in CS4?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Don't use your laptop, which likely will not meet minimum requirements anyway. Continue your CS5 project on the machine you are currently using.

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            Colin Brougham Level 6

            CS5 project files do open in CS4, relatively successfully. I wouldn't bounce back and forth between the two programs too often, though--you stand a pretty high chance of breaking the project with too many conversions. If you're doing it once or twice, you're probably OK; just make sure to back up your original project before doing anything.


            If that doesn't work, you might also be able to export an AAF file from CS5 (Project > Export Project as AAF) and open that in CS4. Note that whichever method you use, if your edit is more complicated or uses a variety of effects, you're likely to not have everything make the trip.

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              roughedit Level 1

              Thanks for the feedback. As far as not using my laptop and only using my desktop, don't reply to a question if you don't have a constructive answer.


              Obviously my laptop will not have the sufficient speed to run CS5 the way it is meant to run. The only reason I need to use the laptop is when I'm not near the desktop (on location and/or offsite) which makes only using the desktop irrelevant. My question was "could" I find a work around, so that I can keep a project going if I am unable to take advantage of my main desktop system. Colin, thanks for the feedback. That was the answer I "needed".