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    AMF and UTF-8 in Air


      I have an app that I'm porting over from being a web-based app compiled with 3.5 to an Air app compiled with 4.1, and now UTF-8 data via AMF is all wonky.


      I have text that is transferred in about 15 different languages. Western languages work fine, but Asian and Eastern European languages are filled with ???. I'm using the same web service for both applications, so the problem is in my app. I just don't see where. It's a simple AMF call without any special processing. And it isn't a problem with my app not being able to display those characters. I can put Chinese text, for example, directly into one of the controls that is fed by the AMF call and it displays just fine.


      Is there a known problem with AMF in 4.1, or some change that I'm just not aware of?


      Oh, the web service is done with amfphp, which perhaps is not the best choice. I'm ready to rewrite that with something like Zend AMF if necessary.