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    Topics disappear after importing




      I'm working with RoboHelp HTML, multiple users in a version control environment.


      I have missing topics that I have to import into folders even though I have run a "Get Latest Version" -- I import the topics and all appears normal, I save everything and check everything in.  Once I exit out of RoboHelp and come back in the topics are gone again.  They are still in the local working directory but do not appear in the Project Manager folders they should be in.  I've checked the RoboSource Control and the files are listed there. It seems as though the topics are "hidden" from my view.


      The topics are displayed in the TOC with red slashes through the topic icon.  I can generate a .chm and the topics will appear but without the images attached to them.  Other users don't have this problem; their systems seem to "update" correctly and they show the topics in their Project Manager folders.  However, I'm tasked with running the .chm files for all of the projects and I can't see trying to import topics every time I need to access the project and generate the .chm file for it.


      I talked to Adobe Support and they told me to recreate the parent folders, any subfolders and re-populate the topics by importing.  I tried deleting a sub-folder and importing its topics -- that didn't work, the topics still disappeared after I exited out of the program.  Is there an easier, less time consuming solution?


      Any suggestions, ideas, help and/or strong alcoholic beverages are appreciated.  :-)   Working on a quickly-approaching deadline so I'm going a bit crazy....


      Thanks for any, and all, help.

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          Amebr Level 4

          You could try deleting the cpd file before opening the project. The cpd file seems to cache information and refuses to acknowledge changes outside that. Deleting it forces it to be rebuilt afresh, although this can take quite a while depending on the size of your project.