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    Testing a Dynamic Form for Reader

    Chris Link, CTS



      I have a new form that I created yesterday in LC ES 8.2. The form *should* be compatible with Reader 8.0 and higher, based on the form properties.  I am using Adobe Pro 9, so when I test on Reader, its 9 as well.  The form works exactly as expected in Acrobat and Reader.


      I sent it to a couple of folks to test. One also has Pro 9 and it worked perfectly.  The other has Reader 8 ONLY and there were some scripting errors. 


      Specifically, there is a script on a click event that makes all of the pages (excluding the Master Page) Read Only.  There are 5 pages.  When the button is clicked, several things happen, but what is throwing the error is a FormName.PageName.access = “readOnly” (one line per page, so 5 instances). The second event throwing the error is the same as the above, but changing access to “open”.


      The error is:  Error: accessor ‘FormName.PageName.access’ is unknown. 


      All other events, which are primarily presence toggles and one text field that acts as a password, are working fine in the Reader. 


      First question: Is the access property not supported in Reader 8.x?


      Second, if not, what would be the compatible property?


      Finally, how do I, as the person creating these forms with Pro 9 on my PC, test this or any other form I may create, to the lowest level I want to be compatible with.  In other words, how do I test this form in free Reader 8 just like an end user may be running?


      Thanks in advance.  Look forward to reading the responses.


      Chris L

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          pguerett Level 6

          Yes the access propert is supported in all versions .....what event do you have that code on?


          As far as testing goes....the only real way to test it woudl be to download Reader 8 and run it for yourself, but having Reader and Acrobat on the same machine can cause issues for you (like when you Preview you have to know which one is being loaded). This is controlled by a registry setting.



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            Chris Link, CTS Level 1

            Hi Paul....


            That's what I figured on the testing part.


            Regarding the access error....


            There are (2) instances of the access script, on two different buttons.  One sets readOnly, the other open.  These are both being performed on a click even with a series of other items.


            Everything runs up to the first access line.  Too much for the click event perhaps?


            ORT_Form.#pageSet[0].Page1.Sub_Admin.Btn_Unlock::click - (FormCalc, client)



            //Show Admin page 4 and 5



            = "visible"


            = "visible"

            //Close Admin Subform and Show Page 1 header



            = "hidden"


            = "visible"

            //Show ORT Complete Button and text note. Hide Complete Note 2



            = "visible"


            = "visible"


            = "hidden"

            //Unlock ALL pages



            = "open"


            = "open"


            = "open"


            = "open"


            = "open"

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              Chris Link, CTS Level 1



              I have confirmed with a free Reader 9.0 user that the form works properly.  It's just the 8.0 Reader that seems to be having a problem with the access property or perhaps the event the script is in.


              Thank you


              Chris L

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                pguerett Level 6

                I have never seen a case where there is too much script for an event, so I do not think that this could be the issue.


                I would like to get the form and try it  in my environment. Can you send it to LiveCycle8@gmail.com and please include a description of how to reproduce the issue in the email.



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