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    Navigating through objects in flex and refreshing them

    superkatakam Level 1

      In an mxml file called Rate,

      I have a vertical box called stepsVB and an array called steps.

      This stepsVB is activated in a state called "states"

      when currentState = "" i see something else.

      steps contain objects of mxml files. step1.mxml, step2.mxml, step3.mxml and step4.mxml

      when i click on the next button, I navigate from step1 to step2 and so on using



      stepsVB.addChildAt(steps[2], 0);


      when i move from step1 to step2 and step2 to step3 and change my currentState to "", if I press my next button, i see step3 instead of step1.

      How do I move to step1 instead of step3. Also, I need to execute my creation complete method for each step as I move.

      In other words, I need to set it up in such a way that the whole flex file refreshes. How do I accomplish this?


      Your help is greatly appreciated.

      Thank you very much