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    Most relevant test score for PPro CS5 to run on notebook?

    simpsonix 33

      Hi, I hope I didn't miss this topic anywhere in the forum. Since I am in the market for a new notebook to occasionally edit 3-5min clips of panasonic HMC 150 AVCHD material (most of the time just office work), I was wondering what the best and still affordable notebook (EUR 1500-1800) would be. Apart for a wide discussion of system requirements and recommendations I couldn't find what would be the most relevant test score to assess how well PPro CS5 is going to work. Some say you need to get a notebook for EUR 3000, some say one for EUR 1200 would still work - I guess it depends on how much you are going to edit and how much time you have. I was curious if there was such a score that serves as a guideline. For example, below you find such test scores for a Sony notebook. What would be the most informative as to whether and how well PPro CS5 will work. Any information is greatly appreciated.


      btw: I would appreciate recommendations on these two notebooks

      Acers Aspire TimelineX 4820TG-624G16Mnks

      Core i7-620M 2x 2.66GHz • 4096MB • 160GB SSD •  DVD+/-RW DL • ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 1024MB • 4x USB 2.0/Gb  LAN/WLAN 802.11abgn/Bluetooth • HDMI • 5in1 Card Reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS  Pro/xD) • Webcam (1.3 Megapixel) • Multi-Touch Trackpad • 14.1" WXGA  glare LED TFT (1366x768)


      Sony Vaio VPC-Z12

      Core i5-520M 2x 2.40GHz • 4096MB (2x 2048MB) •  128GB Dual SSD • DVD+/-RW DL • NVIDIA GeForce GT330M 1024MB und Intel  GMA HD (IGP) • 3x USB 2.0/Gb LAN/WLAN 802.11abgn/Bluetooth • HDMI •  UMTS/HSDPA • ExpressCard/34 Slot





      Benchmark: PCMark05k.A.
      Benchmark: PCMark Vantage12.114 Punkte
      Benchmark: Sysmark 2007k.A.
      Benchmark: 3DMark0132.989 Punkte
      Benchmark: 3DMark03k.A.
      Benchmark: 3DMark05k.A.
      Benchmark: 3DMark067.675 Punkte
      Benchmark: Cinebench (1 CPU)687 Punkte
      Benchmark: Cinebench (2 CPUs)1.416 Punkte
      Benchmark: Quake 3 Arena744 fps
      Benchmark: UT2003k.A.
      Benchmark: Aquamark 2.3k.A.
      Benchmark: CCS 10x7274 fps
      Benchmark: CCS native272 fps
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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          AVCHD material can be edited on a notebook, if you have an i7-9xx CPU, at least 6 GB memory, although 12 would be much better, and at least three internal 7200 SATA disks or SSD's with sufficient storage capacity. Dual cores or even quad cores without HT do not cut it. The only notebooks worth looking at are Sager or Clevio. Starting around $ 4K.


          All your test scores are completely irrelevant. Instead have a look at the disastrously slow notebook results on the PPBM5 Benchmark that pale in comparison to a proper desktop. If you have sufficient patience to watch a retired snail overtake you during his afternoon nap, go ahead with a 1500 - 1800 Euro notebook, but you will be very disappointed.


          Both the notebooks you described are way underpowered for AVCHD and are a waste of money.

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            simpsonix 33 Level 1

            thank you very much for your answer. Do you think the following notebook would be suitable for occasional editing of 3-4min clips (we have got a desktop editing machine with i7, 12gb, nvidia gts250, and 4 7200 barracuda hdds)? so basically it should only be able to work as a backup editing machine in case two clips have to be finished at the same time. since there is only one hdd, I could put an sdd into it as well. and I could upgrade to 16gb ram. the reason, why this particular notebook is interesting for me, is that through a student discount I can get it for EUR 1,700 instead of EUR 2,500 (cheapest price on the market for this setup). I am aware that it won't be as fast as my desktop (which works spledidly with avchd!), but it should be faster than a retired snail overtaking during his afternoon nap ;-)


            I would really appreciate your opinion on that one or from anybody else that has particular experiences with this notebook and avchd!




            HP EliteBook 8540w

            • Prozessor: Intel® Core™  i7-740QM Prozessor
            • Takt: 1,73 GHz, 6 MB L3 Cache,  bis zu 2,93 GHz mit Intel Turbo-Boost-Technologie
            • HD: 500  GB SATA (7200rpm) mit HP 3D DriveGuard
            • RAM: 2 x 4 GB  (DDR3 1333 MHz), upgradeable to 16 GB RAM
            • Display: 15,6"  (16:9) Full-HD anti-glare Display mit LED-Hintergrundbeleuchtung  (1920 x 1080); Umgebungslichtsensor & HP Nightlight
            • Graphik: NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800M mit 1 GB dediziert GDDR5 RAM
            • WWAN: WWAN Modul nicht integriert, im nachhinein aufrüstbar
            • Batterie: HP 8-Zellen Long-Life-Akku (68 WHr) (3 Jahre Garantie)
            • optisches  Laufwerk: DVD+/–RW, Blu-Ray Player/Writer, SuperMulti Dual  Layer mit LightScribe Technologie (Upgrade Bay, second disk drive)
            • Kamera: 2 Megapixel Webcam
            • Gewicht: ca. 2,9 kg
            • Garantie: 3 Jahre  PickUp & Return Garantie (3-3-0)
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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              It would be very slow, but if you have TWO full licences for Adobe, you may get by. Remember, you can only use one machine at a time with a single licence, so for your purposes you need two licences.

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                simpsonix 33 Level 1

                thanks a lot! of course, I would get me a second licence!