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    Problems Accessing Crossdomain.xml


      Ok, so ive been searching for a solution to my problem for 3 days now with no avail... hopefully someone here can help.


      Im building a website that i want to allow users to post jobs with or without an attached file...

      here is the site.... http://soengjobopp.dyndns.org/


      If you go to the POSTAJOB section at the bottom, fill in some test information, click attach to select a file from your machine, press and press submit you will see the error i get... ERROR 2049! (The file wont be attempted to upload until the form has valid data)


      I have a crossdomain policy on my root directory.....  http://soengjobopp.dyndns.org/crossdomain.xml


      Everything works fine when im testing it on my localhost, but when i try to upload from a machine elsewhere i get an error....


      Ive used Firebug(firefox plugin) to monitor the network when im at a client machine and it shows that the crossdomain.xml is trying to be downloaded from http://localhost/crossdomain.xml... i have no idea why... i allow administrators to download file from specific jobs and everything works fine... its just when i want to upload files i get an error... would anyone know why the site would try to get crossdomain.xml from its own local host and not from  http://soengjobopp.dyndns.org/crossdomain.xml ?


      Ive tried the "recompile with network monitor disabled" trick and i have the same problem.


      Ive also tried the Security.loadPolicyFile("http://soengjobopp.dyndns.org/crossdomain.xml ") and it still tries to get its policy file from localhost...


      If anyone could help it would be greatly apprecieated...