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    I don't have an interactions panel


      I'm running Flash Catalyst CS5 on my Mac and I don't have an interactions panel. This is the first time I've used FC and I'm using Lynda.com to run through some tutorials on how to use the program. I'm trying to add interactions to my demo file but when I look at the FC on the lynda video their screen looks quite different from mine. On the right side of my window I have a toolbar at the top, a layers panel that stands alone, Wireframe Components, Libary, and Design-Time Data panels that are grouped together and a Properties panel that stands alone. I don't have a Interactions panel and can't see anything in any of the menus that would allow me to turn this on or off. It's not collapsed..I've already checked this as there is nothing that says Interactions anywhere on my screen. Any idea why this is happening? I've looked online to see if anybody else had this problem and only saw mention of it one other time so I'm guessing this isn't a standard bug of any kind. I'm at a loss here.