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    Direct Export stalls, AME works ok


      I encountered a strange export problem with the video project I was working on. Source is 1080i and output was 480i H.264 (changing codec didn't matter).


      When encoding inside Premiere CS5, it went fine (full CPU use) until about 14%. Then it simply stalled and progress was really slow. CPU use was at 0%. Only now and then did it progress a bit. Once it hit about 50%, CPU usage once again hit 100% and rest of the video was encoded rapidly.


      But with AME, none of this happened. Encoding proceeded nice and smooth, without any hickups. Total encoding time was perhaps about 1/3 of the direct export.


      I'm using a quad-core Xeon with GTX 460 (CUDA enabled for Premiere) and 8GB of RAM on Windows 7 x64. Premiere version is 5.0.2.


      I tried tweaking all kinds of settings, disabling effects, changing codecs but the result was always the same stalling at 14%.