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    Missing Fonts


      I recently downloaded the trial version of InDesign CS5.  When I try to work with a certain .indd file I get the message " Missing Fonts" and says "The document "a.indd" uses one or more fonts which are not currently available on your system.  The text will use a substitute font until the original font becomes available."  Then it lists out the missing fonts.  What does this mean?  Can I download the missing fonts I neeed to work with this document?  Please help. Thanks.

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          1. This sub-part of the general InDesign Forum deals only with Scripting. I have no idea how you ended up here, instead of in the InDesign General Forum.


          2. What does this mean?

          It means the guy/gal who created the document used fonts that apparently were on his/her system but not on yours.


          3. Can I download the missing fonts? ..

          Unfortunately, it's very likely that you can. Not all fonts -- by a long shot -- are 'shareware' or 'freeware', and ought to be bought ("licensed", in font specific talk) just like you should buy games and applications.

          You might as well check, if you have no information at all from the designer. Perhaps he/she was a noob too and only used what was freely available. A fonts with a serious name such as "ITC Avant Garde", "Linotype Centennial" or "Adobe Garamond Pro" is not (and nor should it be) freely downloadable.


          4.  ..I neeed to work with this document ...

          Are you aware the trial will expire after some time? That you cannot open an InDesign CS5 document with an older version of the same program? That you only are allowed to install and try out the trial once, per computer?


          You should think twice before using a time-limited trial to do some critical job with.


          5. .. Oh -- InDesign, like most other serious programs, also comes with an online Help. You can call this up from the menu called "Help", and you should select the menu item "InDesign Help". That'll direct you to an always up-to-date web site where you can search for just about any phrase you see in the program. This, for example, comes up with the search phrase "Missing Fonts": http://community.adobe.com/help/search.html?q=missing%20fonts&hl=en_US&lr=en_US&l=indesign _product_adobelr&site=indesign_cs5_all&self=1&filter=0