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    CF and PayPal API

    ACS LLC Level 1

      I had two sites 'talking' to the PayPal API, using their test sandbox environment.


      I came to the sites recently to wrap up some tweaks and find that one site will work fine, one will not. The site that does not work will not connect to the PayPal server. It definately worked before!


      These sites are on Godaddy's servers, one on CF7 the other on CF8, I believe it's the CF7 that is not working. I also have the code for both sites running locally on CF8 and it works perfectly, which suggest to me a CF setting.


      It's not really throwing me any clues aside from "

      Connection Failure: Status code unavailable"


      Anybody have any ideas?





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          More than likely the issue is with the SSL "handshake" that has to happen under the covers to connect to PayPal. CF uses the Java certificate store and, sometimes, you'll be missing one of the intermediary certificates to create the connection.


          Please post back a couple things:

          1) Whether it's the CF7 or CF8 instance that's failing

          2) The code you're using to "talk" to Paypal (some time back the old CFX_ based component was deprecated).


          I'll be happy to help more if you can provide that.




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            Steve.Rittler Level 1

            just thought of another thing...dump out the complete exception info and include that too.  "I/O Exception: peer not authenticated" would be a clear indication that it's an SSL thing.


            Plenty more here if you happen to be using Payflow Pro:  https://www.x.com/thread/1121