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    Adobe Air and HTML


      I've been able to load a webpage from within my application using code such as the following:


      var loader:HTMLLoader = new HTMLLoader();



      var url:URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://...");

      url.useCache = false;



      Let's say a user clicks a link inside the window to load a new page.  Some questions:


      1)  Will useCache variable affect any page the user loads inside the window after the initial load?


      2)  Is there any way to set a cache expiration time?  Alternatively, is there any way to flush the cache?  I noticed there's a reload() command in Air, but would that effect individual pages the user navigates to after the main page?


      3)  Is there a notification that the Air application gets when the user navigates the entire window to a new page?


      4)  Is there any way to send a message to the Air application inside an HTML page?  For example, the user clicks an HTML close button embedded in the web page, causing the Air application to close the entire window.