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    Flex 4 protecting intellectual property

    FM_Flame Level 1

      I am building kind of a cms which is a normal flex 4 project. Lets say I have 1 application and 2 modules: the website itself and the control panel. The website itself module will be presented to the end users as a template which they can modify. But the control panel module will be compiled in swf and then deleted from the project so no source will be available. The project will still load that module and use it as the system requires it.


      So I have a few questions regarding this:

      1) is it possible to hack the exported swf module and retreive the source files from it?

      2) is it possible to protect it from that?

      3) should i set licenses on every source code I have?

      4) I use module for the control panel since there are less restrictions, but would setting the control panel in a separate application and load it as trusted or not trusted application work for me better in this case?


      I would be very happy if someone with experience or adobe employee could take a few minutes to guide me a bit of what should I do. Thanks a lot in advance!