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    Click Boxes are not working


      I'm currently working on a course that contains a main menu screen that then branches off to several course modules.  On the main menu I have placed several click boxes that jump to the slides within the course.  Of the 5 click boxes that I have placed on the main menu, 2 are not working although they are set exactly like the other three with the exception of the slide that they are  jumping to. 


      The click box setting are as follows:

      • Jump to slide (set to the slide that contains desired content)
      • Appear as of 0 seconds
      • remain for rest of slide
      • Infinate attempts
      • Show hand over hit area
      • Pause project until user clicks.


      I have tried to delete the offending click boxes and rebuild.  Copy a click box that functions and simply change the jump to slide number.  Rebuild the entire slide (resulting in the same situation of the 3 click boxes that worked continuing to work and the 2 that didn't, not working.)  I have built several main menu screens in the sam manner in several courses with out any problems.  Please help me to understand what could possibly be the issue.