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    Classroom in a book, Kindle Edition


      Dear Sirs,

      i just purchased a copy of "After Effects CS5 Classroom in a book", in Kindle edition.

      Nobody warned me about the difference between paperpack and Kindle Edition: the last doesn't have the exercises DVD bundled.

      I am a bit upset. This book without samples, exercises, scenes, footages and so on it's half a book!!

      Could you please allow me to download that dvd?

      Thank you very much.


      Daniele Pellegrini

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          GLWayreth Level 1

          Ok Fixed, i found the link to PeachPit, that allow customers to download sample files and footages.

          For some strange reason the reader didn't display that page, but with Kindle reader on PC i found that page at first sight.


          Thank you.


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            Okay, I have the same problem in relation to Photoshop CS5.1 I downloaded the Kindle for PC version, have tried several times to find the lessons, including three-four emails to Peachpit with no response over the period of several weeks. But am still stuck with a Kindle version and unable to get the Lesson files. The link given on Classroom in a Book does not work, and I get no response from Peachpit. Can you help?