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    Great instruction - some mixed messages

    learner_doug Level 1

      I have really benefited from the Flex in a Week videos.  Although the instruction is great, I have wondered why there was so much emphasis on using spark components, but the instruction often used mx components, even when a spark component was available. 

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          Flex in a Week, FiaW Level 1

          Hi learner_doug,


          Which exercises and/or videos are you referring to exactly where the instruction said to use the mx components when spark components were available?

          If you could let us know exactly which exericses or videos you are referring to that would be helpful for us to answer to your question.



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            learner_doug Level 1

            Day 2, Episode 1:


            Code contains mx lables and mx textAreas, but the spark versions of these controls are available.  I think there are more examples, sorry that I don't have time to go back and check.  I was wondering if the spark controls are not ready for prime time, eventhough I have had good luck with most of them so far.


            Even with some of these concerns - the presenter and material of the FIW are top notch and I really appreciate the effort!


            Doug Edwards

            CTS Instructional Designer - UCLA