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    Flex pagination example help - text layout framework

    Cultivate Designs

      I'm trying to learn/find resources to create pagination in flex.


      I've been able to to find this great working example - http://www.matthewfabb.com/examples/tlf/pagination.html


      I believe that the source file are from here - http://blogs.adobe.com/tlf/2008/12/actionscript-pagination-exampl.html


      Now I don't have a ton of flex and action script experience and its been 6 months since I've even touch flex or any action script so I'm a bit rusty.


      Anyways I'd like to get this exmple up and running but when I download the files from the adobe blog all I get are some .as file but no mxml file.


      So how do I go about getting this example installed and running in flex.