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    Mosaic & Livecycle Suite

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      This may obvious to those in the "know" - is it possible to purchase the Mosaic product without the rest of the Livecycle Platform? If so what sort of pricing is this?


      Thanks in advance



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          Hello Mark,

          thanks for your interest in LiveCycle Mosaic. Mosaic can be licensed as a separate module (most products in the LiveCycle product family can be licensed separately or as part of a suite). Mosaic is part of our enterprise software product portfolio that gets sold directly by our Enterprise sales force. Since licensing is dependent on a number of factors like number of users and type of application we actually don't publish a list price. If you are working for an enterprise (either directly or as a contractor) and Mosaic might seem like a good fit for your application feel free to contact me directly (mzeller at adobe dot com) and I can put you in touch with the right account manager.