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    Migration guidance


      I have a flex application in flex2 and need to migrate flex3 (or) 4.

      What are all the issues that we have in this task?

      Which is the best version (flex3 or flex4) for migrating from flex2?

      It’s very difficult to migrate from flex2?

      Please guide me!




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          maziak Level 1

          Hi Jafy


          I would say that migration to Flex 3 vs Flex 4 is much of a muchness, since both support mx components.


          As far as I remember, the migration from Flex 2 to Flex 3 is trivial as far as code changes & build errors go. I do remember having some weird styling issues though & having to revise / tweak a lot of the styling in our app because things no longer lined up properly (particularly using stroke assets in panel backgrounds - removing the strokes & replacing them with fills fixed the bulk of the issues).


          Migrating from Flex 3 to Flex 4, there are some minor compilation errors and even less if you choose the compiler 4.1 + check the option 'Flex 3 compatibility mode'.


          It might be worth getting hold of the latest Flash Builder & then compiling your project with the Flex 3.5 SDK (a compiler option). Once you are happy with the look & stability of your app, it should be a trivial matter moving over to Flex SDK 4.1 + 'Flex 3 compatibility mode' ... and then eventually unchecking the otion 'Flex 3 compatibility mode'.


          For full blown Flex 4 goodness you can eventually use the new spark component framework, but this is not neccessary for migrating to Flex 4 (as Flex 4 runs interchangeably with mx and spark components). It also might not be advisable to convert your existing mx-based components to being spark-based since the spark component base is still quite limited. We have a large mx-component based app. As we create new components we use the spark framework, to make use of the performance / display improvements it offers. Eventually over time we will convert our heavier mx-based components to use the more lightweight spark framework.




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            Jafy78 Level 1

            Thank you maziak!