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    RH8 Repeated topic name in TOC

    Greig at Lands Level 1



      I have a project that mimics and online procedure that has a repeated step in it. I therefore have the topic appear twice in my table of contents (ToC). Even though I used two different topics and, therefore, html pages to represent each occurrence of the topic the ToC would still highlight the first topic name in the list even though the user was on the second one.


      E.G, suppose the ToC listed Topic1, Topic2, Topic3, Topic4, Topic3


      When going to the first Topic3 RH highlights the Topic3 in the ToC. When I click on the second Topic3 it opens up okay but RH8 highlighted the first occurrence of Topic3.


      To get around this I put an extra space at the end of the ToC entry for the second occurrence. Has anyone else had a similar thing happen in the table of contents and, if so, how did they get around it?


      Apologies if this has been posted before but my search didn't turn up anything. I thought it was worth posting as the solution seems to work and someone else might be having a similar issue.