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    Extension manager CS5/Windows 7 64 help please


      Today I installed Design Premium CS5 successfully via download on my PC Win7(64).  I want to install the fxg extensions for Photoshop and have downloaded the file from Adobe.  When installing the file via Extension Manager, running as administrator, I get the message "you do not have the appropriate permissions required to perform this operation....etc"  I am the only user on this machine and am administrator.  On advice from a forum thread I downloaded the latest version of Extension Manager and installed it, with no joy.

      I see in the forums that I am not the only one with this issue.  Surely someone has an answer.  Please?

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          Please right click the Extension Manager executable or its shortcut from start menu and choose “Run as Administrator” to launch Extension Manager, then installation should succeed.

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            Just had this exact problem trying to install the 3d materials for PhotoShop CS5 Ex.

            I am also in Win 7 x64.


            Right clicking the shortcut in the start menu yielded no positive outcome.

            However, right clicking the start menu shortcut --> properties --> Open File Location then right clicking the actual program and running as Administrator fixed the problem.


            Hope this helps further!



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              NightSkyGuy Level 1

              On my system, the ZXP extension manager suffix doesn't have a "Run as Administrator" option.  After pulling out my hair I discovered I could run "Command" as administrator and get the job down that way. Here is how it works.


              1. Open the start menu.
              2. Type "CMD" in the search bar.
              3. Right click cmd and select Run as Administrator

              4. Change directory to where the installer is (in this case it's Russell Brown's Services and on my desktop)
              5. Run the command (e.g. CS5Services_Installer_2.3.1.zxp) by typing in its complete name.
              6. Voila. It works.
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                This worked for me too. I had to call our help desk though because I didn't know how to change the directory in the command prompt.


                So, for step 4 to navigate to the directory:


                in the command prompt, type cd.. to navigate out of a directory


                to get into the directory type cd then a space and then the name of the directory

                i.e. cd MyFolder


                Once you're in the directory then just type in the complete name as steven says