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      First of all, sorry for my bad english, I do my best...


      I am using your software because I am doing a photography course. They have CS5, and I am very interested to buy this program. But my camera is FUJIFILM FINEPIX S200EXR, and the format of the raw file is *.RAF. And is not posible to work with the raw file with your programs. I have checked your list of compatibility and appears fuji hs10, that is eight months younger than my camera but only mine is not in the list.


      My question is, when you will support my raw file? I need it!


      thank you for your time!


      Best regards

      Mike, from Spain (Mallorca)

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          ¡Hola! Mike,


          there are many posts about the S200EXR, look here --> http://forums.adobe.com/search.jspa?communityID=3289&resultTypes=MESSAGE&q=s200exr


          One answer of supportquestion...

          "Correct, these models are not yet supported. Support is work-in-progress. Unfortunately I don't have a timetable to offer you."


          I also hope further that the camera still supported.

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            I too am very disappointed that Adobe has not yet managed to resolve the issue of RAF files created in a S200 EXR (JPEG is not the future for any serious photographer buying Adobe Photoshop products), given the long delay we can only assume Adobe are trying to reverse engineer a solution from scratch rather than paying for a license from Fuji Film, given the reviews and sales of this camera (and other later EXR models) I would have assumed it was a prime target for Adobe to make sure its applications were fully compatible, new format or not, especially as the FujiFilm software is very basic in features. I would also assume that Adobe, like any competitive manufacturer, carry out market and commercial research and have some sort of commercial strategy that gives them forewarning of new products so that they can stay ahead of the game - on this evidence it appears not! Corel obviously does!

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              Jeff Schewe Level 5

              TW10 wrote:


              ...given the long delay we can only assume Adobe are trying to reverse engineer a solution from scratch rather than paying for a license from Fuji Film...



              Of course the raw files have to be completely decoded from scratch. The Fuji SDK for the camera would be useless because it wouldn't contain much if anything that Adobe could use. The camera maker's SDK is generally a "black box" set of processing routines that simply could not be used for the Camera Raw/Lightroom processing–not if you wanted to use Camera Raw's array of tools.


              You can certainly be disappointed that it takes time from the release of a camera until software catches up. But you really should be realistic in your expectations...you buy a new camera, it's gonna take time till 3rd party software supports it.

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                TW10 Level 1

                Realistic? The S200 EXR was released in June 2009.  There must have been trade technical information available , all be it at a cost, prior to the physical release of the camera which would have allowed Adobe to commence creating the software.  Even if it wasn't, the fact that Corel (a direct competitor) and other much smaller developers have achieved this task a long time ago suggests that Adobe have sidelined the development of S200 EXR compatibility in favour of other cameras that might provide a quicker return on any investment.  Whatever the excuse for Adobe not being compatible, the reality is that others have both developed and incorporated software for the S200 EXR.  Even Fuji managed to incorporate the new format into their basic software and released an update one year ago in November 2009.