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    Using Lightroom Flash Galleries in Flash Catalyst

    Stefan Melnychenko

      Hi there. I love the ability of Lightroom to create brilliant Flash Galleries especially since there are so many plug-ins out there for the Lightroom Web Module.


      My questions is, Is there a way to take the exported Flash Gallery from Lightroom, and use it in Flash Catalyst? In Flash Catalyst I have tried to import the .swf file created by Lightroom but when I try to view the Catalyst project, the gallery doesn't work. I have also tried after the fact to move the remaining files exported by Lightroom into the same folder Catalyst places the .swf file, but still to no avail.


      Am I doing something wrong here? I'm not a programmer and have limited knowledge of code, but I'm also a quick learner and would very much like some help finding a solution to this.

      If you have any advice, it would be much appreciated!