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    Could not complete Save command because there is not enough memory (RAM).

    HyenaVi Level 1

      So yeah. Recently I keep facing this problem when I am using my PSCS5. It happens randomly, be it on single-layered work or multi-layered ones.


      I can't do anything because when this happens... yeah, I lose my work for sure - I can close every program except PS but it is still like this. In fact it just happened again, which prompted me to put this up.


      I took a screenshot although I think it is not needed. Basically this error occurs. And it doesn't... tell me what to do.


      The thing is, I am on Win7, 3GB usable. Based on my task manager I have only used 1.91GB of memory - there's a whole 1 GB more unused, yet I get this error. CPU usage is at a sweet 1~5%.


      So... any advice on what I am supposed to do? >< Thanks all.