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    Check if Windows media player present

    Mike Crisp

      I have used the script below to get a QuickTime prompt

      What would be the same to check if either
      a) Win Media Player is present or
      b) What version a user has

      If none of early version prompt to go online and updtae / download.

      on mouseUp

      if quicktimeversion()<7 then

      go frame 2 -- on this frame I explain what has happened and prompt them to install / download


      play movie "start"

      end if


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          Mike Crisp Level 1
          I have figured it out, thanks to a earlier post (sorry should have searched harder) earlier post

          Add the following as a movie script:

          on DirectXVersion
          oldDelim=the itemDelimiter
          the itemDelimiter="."

          dxVersion=integer(the environment.directXVersion.item[1])

          the itemDelimiter=oldDelim

          return dxVersion

          Then add the following script onto a button

          On mouseUp

          if directXVersion()<=11 then

          go frame 2
          --do something if it is 9 or better
          --do something if it needs to be installed

          play movie "start"
          end if


          BE CAREFUL as version 11 is only available on XP and above