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    Lightbox Clone: not rendering outside the Viewport.

    martcol Level 4

      Could someone please take a look at this in IE (at least 6 and 7 poss 8).


      All was well until the artist wanted bigger images: www.andrewjamesartist.com/galleries/portraits-02.php


      When an image is larger than the view port and the viewer is forced to scroll down the opaque background does not render and it is ugly.  I have advised the artist but he wants bigger images.  I am going to reduce the size of the images anyway to try to reduce the potential for this to happen but it leaves me wondering why the behaviour and if there is a fix?


      I don't kow the first thing about Javascript except that it looks like a complete nonsense when it's written down!





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          hans-g. Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Martin,


          ok, I took a look and to show what I can see, here my sreenshot, where I have to scroll to see the whole image:




          Did you talk with your artist about this by using an image?





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            pziecina Level 6

            Hi Martin


            The problem is probably caused by the way some lightboxes use the IE opacity Filter, there is a long explanation for this but I would have to look at the css/javascript code to be certain, (sorry but no thanks).


            Also can I suggest that you test the lightbox in the IE9 beta if possible, as you will find that this browser is messing up the lightbox effect, (a common problem with many lightboxes in IE9 beta).



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              martcol Level 4

              Thanks Paula and Hans


              Firslty Hans, I'm OK with the discussion about the pros and cons with the image being larger than the browser window.  The artist is a thoughtful chap and we talked at length about this.  His target audience are people who ar likely to have high-end equipment but for lots of reasons, I don't like that approach.


              Paula, thanks for your restraint with the long explanation!  I think I'll research a bit further the IE9 thing.


              At the moment I have come accross a couple of Lightbox Clones that resize the image according to the browser so it looks as though they might provide the best of both worlds.


              And to emphasise my postion with Javascript, the final step for installing a versiion called Fancybox was to " Fire plugin using jQuery selector" and add a bit of code.  It took me about 1 1/2 hours to work out that the bit of code needed to go in the head of the page. Doh!


              Anyway, thanks for your help and advice both,