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    impossible to use Flex Builder 3 beyond trial period?


      I downloaded Flex Builder 3 just after its beta release, and have been using it to develop a project here at work. I love the product; love the new datagrid and selectable chart points ... really, very pleased. (We specifically wanted some of the Flex 3 advanced datagrid features, and so held off on Flex 2.) Unfortunately my trial is now expired and I'm unable to continue working on my project in Eclipse. I went online today and tried to purchase a full version with charting, but found no option for buying FB3. I then called Adobe sales support, and they said no pricing/information was available, and that basically, there was no way to continue using the product.

      I am aware that a Flex Builder 2 license will extend the trial--I actually have a full FB2 license for personal use, and so continue using FB3 at home--but in my capacity here at work, I do not have any official license. I would hate to have to justify $750 on an expense report for a license to a product I don't have (FB2), just to extend the FB3 trial, and then to have to pay more $$$ when the official product is available--even if I am able to get it at an upgrade price.

      Can someone advise as to how to continue the trial? Again, I have every intention and desire to purchase the full version, just can't do it, and can't work on my project either.

      Thanks in advance,