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    P2P Stream with FMS4


      I try to set up a streaming audio service with P2P FMS4.
      Is this possible?
      Before, I used Stratus and netgroups, but I can not find how to do the same thing with FMS4.




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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          if you connect to an FMS 4 application with RTMFP (like the built-in "vod" or "multicast" applications), then it should work exactly the same.


          in other words, if you're connecting to




          change the URI to




          and your application should work as it does with Stratus.  except that the free developer version of FMS 4 limits the number of simultaneous RTMFP connections to, i think, 50.

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            Issan06 Level 1

            It's ok for me to broadcast a sound from line input with FMS4 multicast application,

            but , is it possible to broadcast an audio stream (other than the microphone or line input) P2P multicasting with FMS4?

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              Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

              take a look at Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE).  use it with the "multicast" application and "configurator" tool that comes with FMS 4.  you can encode any live input to FMLE with high quality (MP3 or AAC, if you install the AAC encoder) and publish it to FMS to multicast.


              it is also possible, i believe, to multicast an existing video/audio file.  i suggest asking on the Flash Media Server forum for help with that.