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    PE9 - First impressions

    alanst2 Level 1

      I downloaded PE9 and it installed fine.



      Intel Quad Core Q8300 @2.5GHz

      4 Gb Memory

      nVidia GeForce GT220 (up to date driver)

      Vista 64-bit Home Premium

      Internal HD: 190GB Free

      External HD: 160GB free (USB2)

      Pyro 1394DV FW400 Firewire card


      As I, so far, only edit SD video from mDV, USB has never been a problem for the external drive.


      Frankly, the general performance of v9.0 doesn't seem any different to v8.0.1.




      It doesn't recognise correctly, my Firewire card. I admit it's an elderly Pyro FW400 but that's never been a problem with v8. The FW card is connected to a Panasonic DV VCR. It plays back via the FW card just fine but there is no Device Control. When trying to capture, the 'monitor' is just white, again with no Device Control. The preferences for Device Control are set up correctly. Is anyone else having similar problems?


      I can still use Nero10 or Scenalyzer to capture so it's not the end of the world but PrE9 should work. It did with v8!


      Another BIG problem is Titles. I click the 'T' under the monitor, it adds the title to track Video 2. When playing back, rendered or not, the o/p goes black (except for the PrE trial bar) when the cursor passes the title. Video FX, as rendered, are fine. Again, is anyone else seeing this?


      I am not going to buy v9 unless I can grip these problems. I've yet to dive any deeper into v9. Goodness knows what else awaits!


      I take it that PrE9 is still 32-bit?


      Good luck to anyone else trying v9. For the time being, I'll stick to v8.


      All the best,


      Alan S.

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          alanst2 Level 1

          Further investigation reveals that 'Share/Tape' works correctly. It's only Capture that is wrong.


          Alan S

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Thanks for your observations, alan.


            Those haven't been my experiences at all. Version 9's performance is a huge improvement over version 8's! And I've been testing it with miniDV, Flip video and AVCHD with very good results all around.


            Assuming you've got adequate power (in my books, I recommend at least a dual-core machine at 2.6 ghz and 4 gigs of RAM for standard video, and a quad-core processor for AVCHD or HDV) and your operating system is up to date and well configured, you should see very snappy and stable performance.

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              alanst2 Level 1

              Thanks Steve.


              Oh dear! My machine comes well within your spec for SD working.


              Further observation re: Titles. I burned a DVD from my test edit ad the titles appear OK there. I further checked by inserting a title but did not render i.e. red line on work bar. Then it appears. It only disappears upon rendering, green bar. Further, I checked the 'preview' in it's directory, and the title doesn't appear there, just black.


              Curiouser and curiouser!



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                alanst2 Level 1

                An update.


                Partial success!


                After reading the ReadMe file (when will I ever learn?) under 'Issues' it says that capture will be disabled if the Sound Card is offline. I run an external Sound Card (M-Audio) and it was indeed offline. So capture now works.  Moral: Read the ReadMe before panicking. An odd 'Issue', don't you think? If it's an Issue, why not sort it before releasing the Program?


                However, the Titles problem remains. I Installed PrE9 on my laptop (Windows 7 Home Premium) with exactly the same problem, once rendered, titles cause the output to go black. Software problem, seeing as on two entirely different systems?


                Alan S

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Glad that you got the Audio/Capture issue sorted out.


                  As for the Titles, I cannot come up with any reason that one should experience this behavior. I would have thought that beta testers would have certainly worked extensively with Titles, so that they would have uncovered an intrinsic issue.


                  Can you post a screen-cap of your Timeline, with the CTI over one of the Rendered Titles, so that it will show in the Program Monitor? Might be something that someone will see there.


                  Good luck,



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                    alanst2 Level 1

                    Thanks Bill.


                    Here's a screen grab, as requested.


                    One new observation, in case it's relevant. When rendering, the Progress bar never reaches 100% before the operation 'completes'. Could it be a corrupt download?


                    Very many thanks to you and Steve for your time.


                    Alan S






                    screen grab.jpg

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Thank you. I had thought that maybe something like the Opacity might have become changed, but it looks good. I see nothing that should account for this. Can you do one more screen-cap with the Title in the Titler Panel?


                      I wonder if this has something to do with the trail version's banner, but I have never heard of that interfering with a Title before.


                      Good luck,



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                        alanst2 Level 1

                        Here you go, Bill. Screen grab with Title in the monitor.


                        I wondered if it would come good without the trial banner but others would have the same problem, surely.


                        It's late (1am) here in the UK. I'm off to bed before my brain bursts! I may not respond until tomorrow, now!


                        Many thanks again.





                        screen grab 2.jpg

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          Thanks for the second screen-cap. I cannot find anything that should be causing this issue. Only thought is that the banner is somehow involved, as it does come through. Obviously, the PrE 9 trial is very new, but the general technology has been around for the trial version for a very long time. Still, this is a new trial version, so maybe something went awry.


                          If it is a Bug in the trial, others will soon jump in.


                          Again, thanks and good luck,



                          • 10. Another problem - Blue Screen of Death
                            MassNerd Level 1

                            Not sure if I should've started my own thread, but figured it might be better to have all PrE9 issues collected in one place....


                            Problem: I cannot render Windows Media HD files without crashing windows


                            Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium

                            Intel Core 2 Duo 3.21GHz (E6300 OC)

                            2 GB DRAM

                            GeForce 7900GS 128MB


                            I'm the owner of Premiere Elements 4 and Sony Vegas Studio 10, both which suck at dealing with AVCHD video from my 2 Canon cameras. I was VERY excited to see Premiere Elements 9 list compatibility SPECIFICALLY for Canon EOS digital cameras. Seems this claim was BS though.


                            I am running the trial. I took in about 5 clips each from my T2i (1080p29.97 AVCHD) and SD780 (720p30). The total footage is 14minutes. I added 2 effects and 1 transition and set it off to finalize (share) the project to Windows Media format at 1080p30 10Mbps max. First attempt, crash! After reboot, crash again!

                            Here's the error message:


                            Problem signature:


                              Problem Event Name:                        BlueScreen


                              OS Version:                                          6.1.7600.


                              Locale ID:                                             1033




                            Additional information about the problem:


                              BCCode:                                               124


                              BCP1:                                                    0000000000000000


                              BCP2:                                                    FFFFFA8002C34038


                              BCP3:                                                    00000000B2000040


                              BCP4:                                                    0000000000000800


                              OS Version:                                          6_1_7600


                              Service Pack:                                       0_0


                              Product:                                               768_1


                            Files that help describe the problem:




                            Read our privacy statement online:



                            If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:



                            Highly dissappointing. I really wanted to buy this program as I prefer Premiere  over Vega, but guess I'll have to stick with Vegas and transcoding my clips to an intermediate format (Vegas crashes with AVCHD source files too).


                            To be fair I will try to contact Adobe help desk and see if they can solve the issue. I'll keep you posted.

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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              A BSOD is most often a hardware issue. The major causes shake out this way:


                              1.) heat buildup

                              2.) RAM

                              3.) PSU issues

                              4.) MoBo


                              This ARTICLE will offer some tools that might help diagnose the issues.


                              Good luck,



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                                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                Yours is a completely new topic, Brian. Please start your own thread so that we don't get confused trying to carry on two conversations at once. Thank you.

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                                  alanst2 Level 1

                                  Thanks for checking Bill.


                                  If I'm to continue with PrE9 I guess I shall have to risk buying it and ask for a refund from Adobe if it doesn't work.


                                  Or I roll back to v8.


                                  Thanks for your time folks.



                                  • 14. Re: Another problem - Blue Screen of Death
                                    MassNerd Level 1

                                    Bill, looks like you were right. I reduced my FSB frequency by 15% and it encoded without a BSOD! Guess the overclock I tested to be stable 3 years ago isn't quite as stable anymore


                                    Thanks for the suggestion!


                                    Now I can move back to Premiere Elements and be happy. Anyone want to buy a copy of Sony Vega Studio 10?

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                                      alanst2 Level 1

                                      Bill and Steve.


                                      Just to let you know that I've gripped the Titles problem.


                                      I took a big risk and purchased PrE9. All has now come good. So, for ayone else with similar problems, it is tied up with the Trial banner somehow..


                                      Steve, I now agree that 9 fair zips along on Windows 7. It's still a bit sluggish on Vista but maybe the machine needs a tune-up?


                                      Thank you both for your guidance and patience, much appreciated.


                                      All the best,


                                      Alan (now a happy bunny!)

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                                        Thank you for reporting. We can now offer a suggestion, if other encounter this issue with the trial.


                                        Thanks and good luck,