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    Unable to uninstall or to update Adobe Acrobat reader:



      Use the Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility to remove corrupted registry entries.
      To remove Adobe Acrobat reader, download Microsoft Clean Up Utility and install it:

      Here's the download link.

      Microsoft Clean Up Utility


      The Microsoft Windows Installer CleanUp Utility only removes registry entries created by the application installer. Files and other registry entries for the application are not removed by this utility and could cause inadvertent effects on the system if not removed.

      * When it is installed, pull down the menu Start and Programs , and click on Windows Install Clean Up to launch it.

      * In the list, select Adobe Reader (/!\ be careful : nothing else ), click on Remove then click on Exit and restart your computer.



      You can follow the above steps for the Error "1635: This patch package could not be opened" -- Acrobat and Adobe Reader

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          I have downloaded and installed this utility.  It doesn't appear on the Start/Programs list although it is on the Add/Remove programs list and appears to uninstall normally.


          I couldn't get it to work.  This download is from a non-Microsofy source, Seagull Scientific Inc who appear to be repuytable, but I would advise caution.




          Ok, now I got it fixed.  I have dual screen setup and had the second screen switched off - the Start/Programs menu was overflowing to the second screen and the program was listed at the end.


          I ran it and it solved my problem.  Thanks!