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    Editable pdf needs to be saved as a pdf x1/2001




      I made a pdf with editable fields so client could update the text and then save it as a pdf from Adobe Reader for the printers.  Things were working out fine they could edit, save and print the files themselves, but then we ran into problems when they tried to send the file to the printers.


      The printers are using a system called Dalim Twist and they say they want the files saved as a PDF version x1/2001 which Adobe Reader 8 or 9 doesn't save that legacy version.  Is there a software that will save an editable PDF as a PDF version X1/2001?


      I tried opening the file in Adobe Acrobat 9.2 and saving it, but it won't let me save a pdf X1/2001 because it has editable fields and version X1/2001 doesn't support editable fields.  Is there a way of collapsing or flattening the editable file so it can be save it as a pdf X1/2001, because after the client edits the file the printer doesn't need to edit the file so it doesn't matter if the editing capability is gone.


      If there's anyone out there with a solution, your awesome!