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    Error #2046 need help fixing

    Scott Prock



      I have a client that has been effected by the recent Error #2046 with a Flex built appication. I'm new to Flex, so much so that I barely launched the program when Adobe was giving away beta copies to out of work developers.


      In my research I discovered the framework used on this app is ...


      From what I have read, that framework is associated with a beta version of the Flex builder.


      My dilmma ... I don't have a copy of the Flex builder, and the original developer is unavailable (can't be located to be exact). I'm trying to lock down a solution, but one thing has me concerend. All I have access to are the files on the server that were created with the Flex builder. Does Flex need a project file similar to Flash's .fla file?


      In other words, if I were to purcahse Flex can I fix or recompile this app with just the server files i.e the .swz and .swf files?


      Thank you  ... Scott