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    Render & Auto Upload


      hey there!


      i'm waiting always for my render to finish before i can upload them to my ftp space to send them to my clients. which is quite boring. but you can use the online storage dropbox and render directly into the dropbox. as soon as the render is finished it starts to upload it. so you can hang around in the bar and check the progress on your smartphone.... and when its uploaded you can drop your client the link of the uploaded file!


      http://prolost.com/blog/2009/12/7/use-dropbox-to-remotely-monitor-after-effects-renders.ht ml


      and now a totally self serving link:
      If you want to try Dropbox, but don't already have an account try signing up using my referal link. You'll get an additional 250 MB (in addition to the 2 GB standard amount)




      Full disclosure: I'll get 250 MB too. So everyone wins :-)