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    Help please new to Contibute

      I have set up users to access different sections of a site and I have created the appropriate folders for each user in Dreamweaver. In administration /File placement I have selected .html files to save to 'specific folder on your website' and navigated to the correct folder. However the new pages are not being saved to that folder.
      User has access to 'auction_rooms' folder which is a folder in my root directory. This folder has sub folders one of which is 'catalogues'. Therefore the file placement I have chosen for new .html files is /auction_rooms/catalogues.
      I have .html selected as my default new page file extension.
      I am new to Contribute.
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          I don't think I understand ...
          Are your users using Dreamweaver or Contribute?
          Are you using Contribute connection keys for your users?

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            Woolfy Level 1
            Sorry Kathy. On reading my topic through I realise it is rather garbled.
            I have designed the site in Dreamweaver with the folders and files I want to allow access to via Contribute.
            I have then set up various users in Contribute and sent each an activation Key.
            In the file placement option of Contribute for each user profile I set the folder into which their new .html pages should automatically be saved. Contribute still seems to default to saving the new pages in a folder it creates named documents.
            This would be ok if I hadn't already created pages in Dreamweaver to the various folders I set up. It is frustrating to now find that I have yet more folders on a large site, which is updated daily and hard to keep track of if new folders keep springing up.
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              Kathy_OCNC Level 1
              That's OK, thanks for clarifying. I think I have a similar situation where certain users only need to edit web pages in certain folders. Our connection keys are setup with the File Placement option set to "same folder as draft" and the Folder/File Access option set to "only allow editing within these folders" and then the folder(s) which the user has access to are listed.

              I hope that helps.

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                Woolfy Level 1
                Thanks for that Kathy but I don't see the option in file placement 'same folder as draft' I only have file placement rules and I have listed the various file types and chosen the folder for each to be saved to. The Folder/File options I have set as you say 'only allow editing within these folders' and have selected the appropriate folders. Contribute did add the .css file to the list by default, which I have left in place.