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    Aspect Ratio is wrong in AE Preview

    Neofilm Level 1

      If I bring an AVCHD into an after effects project the ratio is distorted in the preview panel. If i create a new composition it still is. Now, I know that this is not the preferred codec, so please don't go there. Because, if i rewrap/uncompress/convert (or whatever it does) the AVCHD first into a Cineform AVI file the Cineform AVI distorts the same way too.


      It looks like it would look if you took 16:9 and tried to squish it into 4:3, you know cone heads and stuff, making people taller and skinner. If try via dynamic link from premiere CS5 (a project composed of Cineform AVI files) to AE CS5 it still does this in AE, but the PPRO project even with the AE comp in it looks fine.


      How can I get AE to display correct aspect ratio?