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    "Copy non-embedded files to output folder" does not work for linked resources


      Is it not possible to have the files from a linked resource (folder) be copied to the bin-release/debug folder?


      I have an actionscript project that loads the release swfs of other projects. To make things easier, I created an assets folder that has linked folders to the bin-release folders of the other projects, so that every time I compile a release swf from them, the newest build lands into the assets folder of "loader" app. That worked fine and I can see all my swfs. I can not seem to get those linked resources to be copied into the bin-release/debug folder of the project though. Before I turn to my savior ANT, is there a way in eclipse to have these seen as hard links instead of references, or perhaps a compiler option that will allow me to set that folder to always be copied.


      This solution works the other way around, when i set the bin-release folder of each of the projects that are being loaded to a linked assets directory of the loaded app, so I'm assuming that the (virtual) linked resources are the issue.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated