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    Adobe Reader - Adobe Acrobat issue

    luv2bike2nv Level 1

      I have a user who has Adobe Reader 9.3.4 installed on his system and he also has Adobe Acrobat Pro 6.0.

      When he tries to open up a PDF that is on the Web that does not ask if he wants to "open" the file or "save" the file it just (tries) to open up the PDF, he gets the following error message:


      Adode PDF Document

      The Adobe Acrobat/Reader that is running can not be used to view PDF files in a Web Browser.

      Adobe Acrobat/Reader version 8 or 9 is required.  Please Exit and try again.



      I checked the file extension as to what the default program is for opening up PDF's and it does say that it is Adobe Reader 9.3.


      What do I need to do to correct this issue?  He needs to have Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat installed on his system.