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    Error 2048 when .f4m manifest located on my Apache site

    TimB_Kulabyte Level 1

      I am getting Error 2048 in the Flash Media Playback Setup test player when the .f4m manifest file is located on my Apache site.  Originally I had created a .f4m pointing to some live RTMP streams that we run 24/7 and saw this error.  Not knowing if it was my own syntax error or not, I copied http://mediapm.edgesuite.net/osmf/content/test/manifest-files/dynamic_Streaming.f4m (which is the Elephants Dream from the OSMF debug player page) to my Apache site and tried to play it with the Flash Media Playback Setup page and still get the same error.  However, if I put the full URL shown above into the Flash Media Playback Setup page it plays fine.


      If I put the URL shown above or the URL to the .f4m on my site in the browser URL, both load fine and show the contents of the .f4m file.


      I know for HTTP streaming with a .f4m manifest file there are some libraries that need to be loaded with the httpd.conf in Apache, but I have not found documentation showing if something is needed for a .f4m manifest that only points to RTMP streams and after googling have not come up with a solution.


      This is my first effort with OSMF players so this is probably a newbie question and I would appreciate some guidance.