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    Designing for Production Print

    lynwood cafe Level 1

      What should form designers be aware of when creating an XDP for Production Print? Is this documented anywhere?


      Thanks for the help.

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          George_vB Level 1

          Adobe_LCPP_User_Guide.pdf, section "XFA Support". It's not exactly easy to map the list of unsupported attributes for XFA elements to Designer features (for example, lack of support for attribute "oddOrEven" for element <pageArea> means that you can't use the Odd/Even setting in the Pagination tab for Master Pages), but it's all there.


          One thing that isn't mentioned in the documentation: Always bind data at the highest available level, i.e. bind subforms and then bind fields relative to the containing subform.


          Good luck and happy designing!



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            Neal G. Davies

            Generally a designer should not need to be aware of anything special to use forms with Production Print.

            Product intent is that the same form template will render the same for LC Forms/Output/Production Print.


            A principle point is that Production Print generates PDF Documents just like LC Output; it does not generate Interactive PDF Forms like LC Forms. Where we have seen problems are cases where Forms have been developed with very extensive and complicated scripting that affects interactive Form Layout; Production Print is then introduced some time after and sometimes there are layout issues associated with the complicated scripting. For a new project implementing Production Print and Forms with shared Designer templates – test forms in both environment; you should not see issues – but if you do you can address them quickly and please report them as you have probably found a bug.


            There is a section in the documentation addressing the Production Print XFA implementation; http://www.adobe.com/support/documentation/en/productionprint/

            See - LiveCycle Production Print ES2 User Guide - page 101 "XFA support”


            As well there are probably other topics of interest to you in this document.