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    lineTO close automatically

    flairman Level 1
      i want to use the lineTo method to write triangle
      the triangle should be close at sentence 5
      but it automatically close implicitly even at sentnce 4
      and i don't want so
      this behaviour is for all shapes
      what can i do to prevent it

      1.this.createEmptyMovieClip("triangle_mc", 1);
      2.triangle_mc.moveTo(200, 200);
      3.triangle_mc.lineTo(300, 300);
      4.triangle_mc.lineTo(100, 300);
      5.triangle_mc.lineTo(200, 200);
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          flairman Level 1
          to correct the problem
          it is automatically closed when i use also
          the method beginFill
          it close implicitly at line 6
          instead at line 7
          what can i do to prevent it close at number 6

          1.this.createEmptyMovieClip("triangle_mc", 1);

          2.triangle_mc.lineStyle(5, 0xFF00FF, 100);

          3.triangle_mc.moveTo(200, 200);
          4.triangle_mc.beginFill(0x0000FF, 30);
          5.triangle_mc.lineTo(300, 300);
          6.triangle_mc.lineTo(100, 300);
          7.triangle_mc.lineTo(200, 200);