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    Any exporter developers interested in an open source plug-in project?

    Zac Lam Adobe Employee

      Most of the discussion here in the past few months has been about exporter  plug-ins, so I know there's no shortage of exporter developers on this  forum.


      There is a very useful frameserver plug-in that's used to export video out to a tiny signpost file, which can then be used as an input file for other programs.  This has been a crucial part of the workflow for those using other applications for video processing or final encoding.  This exporter has been maintained and updated through CS4, but the original developer, Satish Kumar is unable to continue working on the project to update it for CS5.  So he's made his plug-in open source here:



      Meanwhile, those who used it up through CS4 are voicing their interest in seeing this exporter working in CS5:



      So if any developers are interested in contributing to a open source plug-in project, you have one waiting for you.