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    Absolute URLs  not working when file is on a remote server.

    Monica101 Level 1

      My client has asked me to provide a template for an investor relations section of their website. The HTML page or template for this page will be at the service providers site, but all the images etc. for the page will be linked to files on my clients server. Everything looks fine, but the absolute URL's in the .swf file back to my clients site aren't working.


      This is what the service provider's guidlines say, but I'm not sure where the code is supposed to go:



      Similarly, newer versions of the Flash Media Player installed by most users have a high level of security enabled by default. This is done to prevent Flash movies from playing on web pages that are hosted on different domains than the movie itself (again, to combat “phishing” or “spoofing”).


      You do have the ability to overwrite this feature by proactively developing your Flash file so that it contains the following lines of code:








      You should also add the following line of HTML within the embedded Flash call in your HTML template:


      <param name=”AllowScriptAccess” value=”always” />


      This solution requires edits to the ActionScript of the pre-compiled Flash file, and is not something we can edit. For further guidance and more information, please speak with the developer of your Flash file.