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    Login Duplication

      I have an area which requires a login, the login name and password is entered on to a database manually.

      Within the protected area there is a Forum, when a member logs on they use their own name i.e. Joe Bloggs and their chosen password.

      When posting something to the Forum, their name and company registration number is automatically entered beside the posting.

      Now here is the problem:

      I have 2 members with the same name, but different passwords, when the second one logs on and posts something; although the correct name is posted because they are the same, the first ones registration number is enter beside the posting instead of the seconds.

      Any ideas as to why?

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          Ben M Adobe Community Professional
          I am a little confused here. Are you saying your forum software is having problems recognizing which user is which? If so I would think you would want to direct this post to the creator of your forum software as I do not believe this is a DW problem.

          If I am misunderstanding this problem you may want to clarify your point a bit more as to what involvement DW has in this process.
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            AlanShaw Level 1
            It's a hand written forum not a packaged product, see here.

            The Login Page has been created in DW using a 'Log In User' Server behavior.

            I don't have any other problems with it except for these two people with the same name.
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              bregent Most Valuable Participant
              >I have 2 members with the same name,

              That's a major design flaw. The login account identifier must always be unique. The use of real names is not recommended. Users need to use login names and duplicate login names must not be allowed. The login column in the database should also have a unique index to prevent this type of problem.