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    Can you cutomize answers for multiple choice question with multiple correct answers


      I am creating a quiz in Presenter 7.  When I create a multiple choice question with one correct answer, I am able to choose the Advanced button and create a feedback statement tailored to the question.  However, when I create a multiple-choice question with more than 1 correct answer, I haven't found that I can do that.  So I have to stick with the default label (which I have to keep generic).  I was hoping that once I was on the individual screens, that I could add to the generic text and each screen would say something a little different.  But when I go back to quiz manager and work on another question, and then go back and view my screens, the text I typed in is gone and replaced by the default again.  Is it just not possible to create advanced answer options for multiple choice questions with multiple correct answers?  Is there a workaround?