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    Adobe 9.3.4 won't uninstall-network unavailable-need msi file


      My OS is XP.  I've used Adobe Reader for years.  It was working just fine until about a month ago.  When I attempt to print from Primopdf,  I can get the screen that says "Create PDF"--once I click on it nothing happens. That happened a time or two before.  When I uninstalled & reinstalled the Primopdf program it took care of the problem.  (I can still create pdf files from scanned documents.)


      Next I uninstalled the Adobe Reader program, and installed the updated version, Adobe Reader 9.3.4.  That still didn't work.  Now Adobe Reader 9.3.4  won't uninstall. I get a message that says "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resouce that is unavailable."  I've checked in my 'Program files' to see if Adobe reader is there--I find a 90.3 MB Reader folder, (with several folders & files) indicating it does exist.  Though I see an AcroRd32.exe that shows its a file. (So evidently I don't have the upgrade, but the previous version, right?)


      After the 'network unavailable' message appears, a prompt gives an option enter an alternate path to: AdbeRdr930.en.us.msi file.  If I had that file, would that solve my problem?  I've read complex instructions, and not sure how to obtain that file.  Is there some way I can obtain & download that file?


      I've run registry cleaner programs, the Advanced SystemCare Diagnositic program, etc.  I've read about forced program deletions--though not sure about that?  I downloaded the Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup Utility--then it said was for Window 95/98--couldn't find for XP.


      OK computer gurus--what should I do, short of reinstalling my OS?  This is like 'gum on shoes' and it's really annoying.


      Thanks for some recommendations to hurdle this problem.