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    Premiere CS5 "save as" location issue

    Andy Bay Level 1



      Has anyone else noticed an annoying change in the way Premiere CS5 handles the default save as location on the hard drive? Before Premiere was smart enough to assume the user wanted to keep saving in the same location as before, so when selecting "save as" it automatically suggested the location of the previous saves.


      But with CS5 Premiere seems to suggest any last visited location, even if it was just visited for importing assets or something similar. This results on project files getting saved all over the place, if you dont remember to check that its actually going to your project file folder


      Is this a bug or a new "feature"?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I always thought this was an annoying feature of the Windows windowing system.  Photoshop has also always gone back to the previously opened window, so that when opening, changing and saving a series of images to two different folders, you have to change the folder location for every single import and save, because the import opens in the previously 'saved' folder, and the save opens in the previously opened 'import' folder.


          I'm somewhat surprised at your claim that Premiere has not always done the same.

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            Andy Bay Level 1

            If you have Premiere CS4 you can verify it easily:


            Make a project, "save as" and then import a file from a different location and "save as" again. It will suggest the same location in which the first save as was made, not the location of the asset you imported.

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              pejaka Level 1

              I can confirm that as well. PPro CS5 saves "wrong", CS4 "right".

              After Effects don't have this issue, CS4 and CS5 both save "right".