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    Windows 7 - Adobe Reader 9.3.4 New installation


      I have a new computer with Windows 7 OS.

      I had software to install reader 6 and used it for a while but kept getting incompatability messages.

      I uninstalled that Reader version went ot Adobe sight and installed 9.3.4.

      The installation software says it was completed but can not find it anywhere on my computer.

      Any advise?

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          I'm having the same problem – Windows 7, 64-bit operating system; have been using Adobe reader since I obtained this computer in February.  With more recent versions of 9.3x, I have had problems where if I wanted to change preferences, instead of bringing up the preferences menu it had a serious error and shut down.  But now, with the most recent update, it had stopped working altogether, so I had uninstalled it, uninstalled flash and Adobe air and subsequent iterations as well, remove the obvious left over Adobe folders, saved the 9.3.4 install file onto my hard disk, and tried to install from there (after installing directly from the web didn't work).


          It does the same thing just described it goes through the whole installationprocedure, reaching 100.0% completion, but then instead of giving any kind of finished or other message, it just disappears without completing the installation.  No icons, no entry in the add remove programs menu, and no Adobe folders in either the Program Files or Program Files (x86) directories.


          And, I can't find any option for really cleaning this up in version 9.3x, nor could I locate any means from the website for reinstalling an earlier version of 9.3.x.


          – John S

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            Cary0n Level 1

            I found a fix.  Need to install Reader 9.3.0 first.  One of the other threads said they could not uninstall reader 9.3.0 because they were missing registry and someone provided a link to the 9.3.0 installation software.  I down loaded and it installed fine.

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              JJS17 Level 1

              So others don't need to go searching for the fix, you can get the original install package for Adobe 9.3.0 at:




              You can either click on the link, and then it will give you directions for opening the page in Windows Explorer, or you can simply open the FTP window directly in Windows Explorer by copying the following into the address field:



              Once you have it in Windows Explorer, simply copy the .MSI file to a folder on your computer in order to download it.  You can then install 9.3.0 from that folder.


              John S