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    is there anyway to move everything without affecting everything


      hi guys!! i am now on a small practicing project. i set the image of a  man to move to the center of the viewer, chopped his head off, speared  and blood splash was the ending. Everything went well, until i found out  that everything were too low, cause i was and still not familiar with  the zooming (will get to it later).

      can i move everything, position wise, at the viewers, upwards without  affect all those little animated stuff i set before, eg, motion path of  the image of a man i mention before. I tried to move everything, but the  motion path altered because of it......

      is it possible to set the zooming scale anywhere in between 50% to  100%?? i scrolled the mouse scroll, but it jumped from 50% to 100%  directly, having no option in between.

      oh, one more thing, since i am asking, how could i select thing with dragged bracket??

      any help would be appreciated. Thank you for taking time reading this!

      thank you and look forward for any reply.