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    Web links in .pdfs inoperable- "Acrob. could not run the browser"


      I keep my Adobe Reader updated often, but I've been experiencing a severe inconsistency with the ability to open a (FFox) web page by clicking a link given by the author of any given .pdf., embedded in it. Sometimes it works and opens up the new FFox page OK. But maybe a little more than half the  time I first get a security warning, "The document is trying to connect to (URL). If you trust this site, choose 'Allow'. If you do not trust this site, choose 'Block' ".   So, I'll click 'allow' and then I get a window saying, "Acrobat could not run the web browser.    Unknown error (740).
      I've tried to find out more about an error 740, but there's no relation online between any error w/ that # and Adobe. It reads kind of contradictory anyway, since it says "unknown error" but then gives you an error #.  Ideas, anyone? Thanks.

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          What OS? What version of Reader? What version of Firefox?

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            Victorious57 Level 1

            W-Vista Service pk.2          Firefox auto-updated, 3.6.10 as of today.        Adobe Reader 9.3.4, updated & installed successfully yesterday.

            The problem is consistent, 100%  present now, whereas 2 weeks ago it occured about 60 to 70% of the time.

                I don't have $450 to buy Reader Pro, so am beginning the hunt for a substitute within which I can not only place hyperlinks in .pdfs I publish, but also make the them secure, preventing plagurism, and imbed a digital thumprint. In the meantime, I imagine from reading between all the lines in the various forums that having a paid license will be the only way--possibly--to get any sort of support from this company. Maybe.

                I assume you are a non-paid volunteering forum moderator, no? Thanks for reading.  --V57

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              I'm having the same problem and have found a few suggestions from different places that may help.

              1. Add the site / host to the trusted sites list in Internet explorer. E.G http://hostname or file://hostname or hostname.

              2. In Adobe reader or Acrobat go to START>PREFERENCES>JAVA SCRIPT Untick 'enable Acrobat JavaScript'.

              3. Create the documents from open office and use the export to PDF option.

              The last option seemed to work when adding the hostname to the trusted sites list in IE 8 (IE 6 didn't work)

              One thing I noticed when I created PDF's this way is the link was displayed as file://hostname/share/doc.pdf.

              When I converted a document from MS Word 2007 and used Acrobat standard to convert the document the link was displayed as file://///host/share.doc.pdf.

              I'm not sure why the extra //// were added but it seems that MS word puts the hyperlink in this format.

              As I said creating the document in Open Office worked when I added the host in IE 8's trusted site list but this isn't acceptable for me due our SOE restrictions.

              Our setup is as follows..

              XP Pro SP2

              Internet Explorer 6

              Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.3